Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

New Blogspot

I am so over trying to fix this site,so I have started another.

I will take me a couple of days to get it in order, so bare with me.

Monday, 22 September 2008


I have stuffed my blog completely now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I need some blogging expertise help??

How do I set/change my blog to show that it gets updated almost everyday on other people's blog list. I have noticed that under my name, it says that I have not update for 5 months.

I have gone through everything and ticked off everything and I am still at a loss.

Doris X:(

Friday, 19 September 2008

And so the week ends!

Well, what a week it has been and currently I have a headache.
I have had a good week gymtime wise, getting almost pretty much back to normal, missed thursday though. Had an early start, hoping to get auditors out the way and get to Balance. But as always, best laid plans always goes astray. Bonus for thursday night was son getting dinner ready for me and he got it right with salad and very lean steak.

Trained back and biceps this morning, chest muscle hurt a little on some of the back and once on the biceps - when I tried to go heavier than I did. So backed it down, so as not aggrevate the injury. Looks like I may have back it down for a while. Always a good thing anyway.

So revelations from the past week?? hmm. I got good training, some good quality cardio. Increase my vege intake a lot. Managed 5 good clean days of eating except for tonight. I left work around 6.15pm tonight, auditors just didn't get the's Friday dog damit! Shute they are young ladies, don't they have a social life! So after driving home 45mins later, did the same thing I need to break habit from, got lazy with dinner and just made some open toasted sandwiches. Roast beef, tomato, onion and cheese. I had 1 and 1/2 slices. So why do I do that. I should have made the effort and had roast beef and veges instead. Not that there is a whole lot of veges left in the fridge!! but apart from tonight, the rest of the day was pretty darn good.

Not going powerwalking this weekend, an opportunity to give the body a weekend off. It did a lot more this week than it has done in almost 3 months.

But the goal is to have a least one perfect day this week, if not 2. Make sure I get all my veges in, try to incorporate more into my breakfasts as well. The idea is to rev my metabolism out of this world!

Did my head in a bit this morning, stupid me jumped on the scales at the gym and it showed that I had put on 3kg in one week, yet my clothes are getting back to that loose stage that it was before I went away to europe. Stupid box with numbers and springs in it. Over it! Travis was watching me (trainer at my gym) and laughing hard as I walked away muttering under my breath, swearing and cursing..............stupid devil's tool, I was calling it.

Come on veges, do your stuff!

Well have a great weekend everyone, will let you know how I go with keeping it perfect and real.


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Oh boy Hump Day!

I am sitting here elating in my gym time but on the other hand, aching all over! and it is only hump day, still have 3 days of training left to do. WOOT WOOT!

So Monday started with a supa dupa shoulder workout, shoulders are still a little tight today, but man I should re-think doing shoulders before Tuesday if I am going to keep doing boxing!!!

Tuesday - what a huge day - Morning - 20mins flat spinning, 20 xtrainer, then 50 mins weights - chest and tris. I think I have slightly injured myself when I was doing bench flyes with DB - just a little too much depth with 12.5kg dumbbells. Normally they are okay and often I do 15kg, but I thought I would try and get mor pull/depth. afternoon, got back to gym and did an hour boxing session then jumped on and did 45mins spinning class. Yep I was pretty flat by the time I got home but felt great with the fatigue.

This morning I did a good leg session, similar along the lines of last week, just a few different things and then finished of with the supaset of leg raises and stair runs. I would like to say sprints, but my leg has been playing up lately, so I took it a little easy - no sprint, just runs - still hard enuf to be out of breath on the 2nd set of stairs. I think I am going to get sore tonight - as I am starting to feel it now.

Food has been great, trying my hardest to get in a lot of vegetables. Trying to average 300gms per meal, of greens. Today was a day of broccoflower.

Busy days at work of late, have been getting ready for auditors and now they are here today.

Well got to go, have a great day everyone. Bring on Friday!!!!

Long Live Fitness!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Picture of the day

Saturday, 13 September 2008

and the light bulb went on!!!!

Self Awareness! the capability to become aware of my thoughts, feelings
and actions. It is to know why you do what you do and the motives behind it. Self awareness is my understanding of my responses to events.
Finally I am able to stand apart and observe my moods and involvements in my life, I now am more accountable and responsible.
The discovery that what I am made up of, how I am able to deal with challenges and stress. I need to unclutter my life and focus within.
How am I going to improve my self awareness? Take the time to capture snap shots of my daily life that affects in a positive or negative way. Look at how I reacted to those moments on my time. Like, why did I not get up with the alarm to go to the gym. Why did I have a euphoric feeling after a massive leg workout on Friday. Hopefully this will help back track and understand the history from which problems arise and how am I going to ensure that I will better this every time.
Liz Nelson left me a message on my last post that just so says it all. One meal, One workout and One Day at a time. I must take action immediately and impose self discipline to continuously develop the habits of right thinking and feeling. It takes courage and self control to change and leave behind something that is hindering your personal growth and success. Having a clear vision allows me to continue finding workable plans and solutions to move forward.
Life gives you choices to either stay in bed or go out and make a place for yourself. Take the effort to learn, practice and discipline yourself to follow through regardless of how others think of you or the past disappointments.
long live fitness

Friday, 12 September 2008

So Where's my head at??

I am in a good place at the moment and will stay that way. I have done solid mornings everyday at the gym this week, finishing today with an awesome leg workout. Now I just need to get back to my old routine and start going morning and night!!!!

Started with Leg squats on the standing calf/leg squat machine
Warmed up with 20kg - deep squats - butt touching calf type of squat - 15 reps
2nd set 40kg - 12 reps - maintaining good form and deepness
3rd set 60kg - 10 reps - able to keep the depth - NICE!

single leg press on 45degree - 60kg each side - 15 reps - 2 sets then finished of with a set of pulses - 30 reps

Seated Leg Press - Strive - Wide feet position - felt it in the adductors - 98.5kg at level 1 - 15 reps, level 2 - 12 reps, level 3 - 10 reps, level 3.2 - 8 reps. Owww!

Finished of with a massive supaset on the leg raise and stairs - 50kg - 8 reps - run the stairs twice - did this 5 times. When I finished my face was very red and I was wet!!! Phew. next week with try and run the stairs 3 times on the supaset. Amazing the very last set of stairs, my legs felt like they were so heavy, that I have concrete shoes on. LOL.

Eating wise has been easy, trying to get more veges in. I am trying to keep my head straight and not wishful think that I want to see results faster!!! I have got to get that out of my head, so I am occupying my time more with calorie counting and journaling my food. Why calorie count????

I was reading an article on the Lindy Olsen website about calorie counting and these were the topics covered.
It puts you in touch with reality - in terms of how many calories you actually need each day.
It's completely flexible - You won't have to eat separately from everyone if you want to eat the same, you just need to ensure you don't exceed your needs and have smaller portions.
It educates you - you start learning about how the things you eat and drink affect your weight.
For me it is about the education and the ability to see that certain things you can eat a hell a lot of and the calorie count is low, like cauliflower and broccoli, now I know why body builders eat so much of these veges.

ATM I am thinking big but focusing on the small things - visualising my ultimate goal but using smaller ones to motivate myself everyday and allowing myself to appreciate my progress rather than be overwhelmed by how far I have to go to my BEHAG! So this week was to go to the gym every day and I managed that! Wahoo. I did some awesome workouts and not suffering DOMS that bad - must be the ZMA tablets I take every night. I know that when my head hits the pillow I don't wake up until 1/2 an hour before my alarm is due to go off at 4.30am.

I need to find a plan B and use it when obstacles like work comes up. I have enuf equipment at home, so I should start using it.

I have started as you know from above tracking my daily energies in and out, but I also need to start tracking my progress I think.

Thinking positive at all times - believing in myself and my abilities - surround myself with people who believe in me.

and most of JUST DO IT!

Long Live Fitness!



Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Inspirational picture of the day

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

And does it ever stop!

Well after much self instruction not to work so hard, guess what I get lumped with this week!!

I have a presentation to do for the Directors meeting - quite a complex presentation and the company is having its first audit next week. I thought I had left that behind at my old job, but the group has decided to consolidate and that of course means Audits! Man I thought I was so over this. AArrgghhhhh! I had planned an extra fantastic afternoon at the gym! I had a weights session, boxing session and spinning session...........................guess what I did! I got home at 7.00pm, put dinner on and then jumped on treadmill for 30mins. Boohoo.

Good eats today and I did manage 30 mins cardio and 30 mins heavy chest session.

So thats today in a nutshell, going to go do a load a dishes, get my clothes ready, pack my gym bag and go to bed.

Long Live Fitness